The Human Torpedo “Mignatta” (leech)

| Wednesday, June 22, 2011 | 1 comments |
This is a diorama of the Torpedine Semovnte Rossetti called “Mignatta”, the human torpedo that sanked the Viribus Unitis into the Pola's harbour in 1918.

The torpedo is completely scratch-build for Italiankits ( The harbour is fully built in plaster and the figure is a S.L.C. “Maiale” operator from Model Victoria.

The full article was published on Model Time No. 162 (

On the black sand

| Thursday, June 16, 2011 | 0 comments |
Here's a new update!
An Italeri’s LVT2, modified in LVT A2 with scratch build parts, on the beach of Iwo.
The figures are Warriors and the accessories are Verlinden and Custom Dioramics.

The full article was published on Steel Art No. 89 (

Ostfront Wind

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As the first post I decided to show some photos of the models that I have finished in the last months.
The first is "Wind on the Eastern Front. " Actors are the wind and a Pz.38 (t) of the 8^ Panzer Divisions in Russia in 1941.
Tank and figures are Tristar.

The full article was published on Time Model No. 187 (